Thai Airways International – TG249 – Bangkok to Krabi – Economy

THAI offers three daily flights to Krabi  

Thailand’s flag carrier flies to over 70 destinations worldwide; but how does Thai Airways International fare domestically? e-Travel Blackboard finds out on a short flight to Krabi.

Aircraft: A330-300

Cabin: Economy

Seat:  44A (window)

Journey time: 1 hour, 5 minutes

Check-in: Like THAI’s tagline, ‘Smooth as Silk’. Multiple lines make for a very short wait while the ground crew is polite and professional – and you can’t ask for more than that.

Luggage allowance: Passengers are permitted one or more checked bags totaling 20 kilograms, plus a cabin bag up to 7 kilograms.

Seat comfort: Although the plane forgoes some of the high tech amenities of other THAI aircraft, the seats are perfectly comfortable, with a generous pitch of 32 inches and width of 17.2 inches. An empty adjacent seat makes the short journey even cosier.

Cabin conditions: How to describe the colours of THAI’s seats? Yellow, pink and blue? Gold, maroon and purple? Whichever way you see them, together they make for a beautiful looking cabin. Seats are in a 2-4-2 formation.

Staff service: If you can tell that a smile is genuine by looking into the eyes, on this flight the cabin crew are in great spirits. One of the attendants even diligently (and happily) goes about his job despite clearly suffering from an earache during our descent. The crew also look resplendent in their uniforms, which give a nod to traditional Thai attire whilst remaining contemporary and practical.

Onboard catering: Served in a smartly presented box, the lunch consists of a BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato) sandwich and a chicken and green salad sandwich. Complete with a mixed fruit juice drink, the meal is served and cleared super quickly. 

Inflight entertainment: Twelve audio channels, playing a variety of tunes ranging from contemporary to classical. I find myself hooked on what sounds like a fusion of traditional and modern Thai music. Utilising light strings and a piano, the long winding song is a perfect soundtrack for the views of Thailand below. THAI’s magazine Sawasdee makes for a good read as well. In this month’s issue, articles on the country’s top restaurants and Loei province’s “Ghost Festival”.

On-time performance: Punctual, departing Bangkok and arriving in Krabi right on schedule.

Flight rating: 3.5 planes out of 5. A short flight made sweet by THAI's impeccable service.  

e-Travel Blackboard tip: If you have no neighbour, move your magazines, headphones and other material into the pocket of the seat next to you. This allows for that little bit of extra legroom, which for a tall person can make a lot of difference. To make life easier for the cabin crew, be sure to return everything to its rightful place at the end of the journey.


Source = ETB News: Mark Harada
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